The Internet and the rapid production of downloadable software has now made it possible for anyone to download a beat maker and start making hip-hop and rap tracks even if it’s 2 AM in the morning.

There are loads of different options for the musically talented out there and you can spend as little as $20 or as much as $1000, it’s entirely up to you.

However I imagine that you won’t be looking at spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on your hip-hop software and I suspect being able to spend between $20 and $60 would be more within the average person’s price range.

As I have mentioned on this website SonicPro is one of the best pieces of software around and it falls right within this price range. But whichever program you go for a show you how a few of the important key features.

sonicpro1Firstly make sure that your program has a variety of different sounds and instruments. After all you don’t want to be stuck with just drum beats, you want to be able to add some melody and a killer bassline too.

Secondly make sure you can export all of your finished work. You either want to be able to burn it straight onto a CD or export the track as an MP3. Having great music that stuck on your computer for only you to listen to would be very frustrating, right?

Finally make sure your purchase comes fully guaranteed. You never want to be handing any money over, no matter how little, if there is no guarantee that your software package is going to include everything you need.

If you want to get making some amazing music, produce like the best in the industry, or kickstart your music career and check out this software that is rocking the music industry – Beat Maker Download